State Working Commission on Language

State Working Commission on Language
(Guojia yüyan wenzi gongzuo weiyuanhui)
The State Working Commission on Language (Guojia yüwei, for short), which adopted the name on 26 December 1985, is the successor to the former Script Reform Commission of China (Zhongguo wenzi gaige weiyuanhui, 1954–85) under the State Council.
It formulates and enforces language laws, regulations and policies; conducts research on the standardization of Chinese characters and Chinese language information processing; and promotes the use of the romanization system (Hanyu pinyin), modern standard Chinese (Putonghua) and simplified characters. It works closely with relevant organizations under the Ministry of Education such as the Research Institute of Applied Linguistics (Yuyan wenzi yingyong yanjiusuo) and the Putonghua Training and Testing Centre (Putonghua peixun ceshi zhongxin), which holds nationwide Putonghua Contests and runs the Putonghua Proficiency Test and the Language Press (Yuwen chubanshe) with its main publications: Language and Characters Newspaper (Yuyan wenzibao), Language Planning (Yuwen jianshe), Applied Linguistics (Yuyan wenzi yingyong) and The World of Language (Yuwen shijie). Its Chinese website is
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